Secrets For Creating An Inviting Porch

Your front porch is most likely to win or lose the people who visit your home. It has to be both welcoming and matching to the interior of your house. There are so many ways through which you can decorate and style your porch. To help you out with this we have put together this article for you. Continue reading and the secrets to a more inviting porch will be revealed and you will be able to grab the hearts of your guests with just your front porch.

Seating area

Having a swing, some rocking chairs or a vintage chair or two can simply add the much needed furniture to your porch. A porch with such pieces is more lively and inviting. It can be used as a gathering space as well. In addition, during events additional space will be given through such an area. As a solution for all the sun and rain which has the possibility of harming the pieces you can simply add some awnings Newcastle. If you don’t have much space to add such furniture you can opt for a small bench. Some cushions, a centre rug will warm up the area even more and will brighten the whole space.


A porch can be a bright space. However, you can add more lights to lighten it up during the dark nights and gloomy days. But, do make sure that you don’t overdo it. Adding some vintage looking lamps, fairy lights in a jar, hanging lights or a lamp might do the trick. Also, opting for screen doors will help the light to enter into your home’s interior without inviting the bugs and pests.


Adding some greenery to your porch can make it look lively. A touch of mother nature can go a long way. Plus plants are a great way to decorate the space. You can opt for some flower plants, hanging plants or a large plant or two. Such greenery will bring the much needed color to your porch.

Focus on the door

If you tend to decorate the porch by blocking the entrance or diverging the attention from it you might end up doing a big mistake. In fact, focusing on the door can make your home look more inviting. Make sure you keep the decors on either side and the path to the door is clear. That way it would look much more like a cozy porch.

Use these secrets and your home will end up looking more warm, loving and homely.