How To Not Clean Your Rugs?

  • Not cleaning stains immediately – when it comes to carpet stains, your best bet to get them out is to act as fast as possible. Never wait too long to clean a stain: chances are the liquid will ruin your carpet by discolouring it or fraying it if it contains acids (such as soda drinks). In order to minimize the damage, it is recommended to attempt to remove stains as soon as liquids fall on the carpet, because the longer you wait, the more will the liquid be absorbed and thereby leave a permanent stain.
  • Scrubbing vigorously – just because you need to act quickly to remove a stain does not mean that scrubbing is the only solution. When it comes to stains, most homeowners’ number one solution is to somehow scrub the stain out of the carpet. This is a very big mistake, because not only can you spread the liquid into other parts of the carpet, but scrubbing too strongly can also damage the carpet. Scrub gently, and after applying a cleaning product.
  • Using random products – when it comes to carpet cleaning Bungendore, there are many products to apply, but not all of these products will work on your carpet (and worse still, they can easily damage it). To start with, avoid any products that are not meant for carpets; secondly, avoid cleaning products that contain bleach or other similarly harsh chemicals that can discolour the carpet. The safest way to be sure of whether to use a product or not is to contact the manufacturers, but when you cannot do this, it is recommended to first test the product on a small, hidden part of the carpet.
  • Using rentals – in order to save money, many homeowners stick to renting Canberra carpet cleaners from their local stores and the like. Unless the provider is a professional cleaning service, chances are that the cleaner has not been serviced in a long time. What this means is that, instead of cleaning your carpet, you would be more likely to bring in dirt from other people’s homes into your own carpet.
  • Avoiding professional cleaning services – no matter how thorough you are in cleaning your carpets, it is always recommended to take them to a professional cleaning service regularly. Generally, once a year is recommended, but depending on whether you have small children and/ or pets, you might want to take them to the cleaners more frequently.carpet-clean-service