How Can You Reduce The Fats Without Surgery

There are some fats in the bodies both in the men and the women that are called stubborn fats which do not go off no matter how much you exercise or do the diet. In the past, people suffering from this problem had no other option but the surgery to remove the excess fats which was a very risk and dangerous procedure but now there are other alternatives to solve this problem. These are called the non-surgical fat reduction, CoolSculpting and better non invasive fat reduction methods. All of these methods do not include the surgery but use various cooling, heating mechanisms to either burn off or freeze the fats permanently from the body. Some of these methods also make use of the radiofrequency and ultra-sonics rays which attacks the fats in the body.  But the goal of all these treatments are common which is the lipolysis. The lipolysis is the combination of two words. The word lipo means fat and the word lysis means killing of the fat cells. 

Noninvasive fat reduction is the technique which further has subtypes which make use of different techniques and method. The one of the most famous technique of these is the CoolSculpting as the name represents the coolsculpting Melbourne make use of controlled cooling technique to freeze of the fats in the body. The duration of this treatment varies from the area of the body and the amount of the fats. Although, there has been an introduction of new machines which have decreased the amount of this treatment and has placed it somewhere near the 35 minutes. The CoolSculpting is not done in one session but for seeing the effective results there needs to be at least 2 to 3 treatments. 

The procedure however is not very much painful, the patient who is going through this treatment is likely to feel the cold feeling and the discomfort for less than 5 minutes and after the 5 minutes the area goes numb and the patient does not feel anything at all. Unlike the surgical treatment which have a very long recovery time and the patient is likely to follow many precautions and need to do rest before he or she can return back to their normal life the CoolSculpting does not have any downtime which means that the treatment is this much safe that the patient can go home from the treatment and can resume all the daily life activities of his routine. There are no apparent side effects of the treatment as well apart from the mild ones such as the redness, the numbness and the tanginess and the patient is likely to see the results from this treatment in about 10 weeks.

What We Know About Asbestos

Asbestos is naturally occurring substance that present in six different forms. They are

  • Trimolite
  • Crocidolite
  • Anthophyllite
  • Actinolite
  • Chrysolite

Out these six the most commonly used is chrysolite but the most dangerous one is crocidolite.

Reasons why asbestos was considered as miracle material:

This naturally occurring material that is in the form of thin and tightly packed fibers has many uses and benefits. First of all this the material that construction companies could get in cheap price with multiple benefits. The reason they could get in cheap price was that it is available in every single continent of the world. So, there is an abundance of this naturally occurring material. This means that each continent can have its own asbestos. This reduces the need to buy it from other places. In construction it was used in ceiling, roofing, insulation, tiling and few places as well. This was also used to protect place from catching fire. If there are so many useful benefits of asbestos then why is it banned in many countries today?

Reasons why asbestos is banned in many countries:

The reason why this miracle material is banned in many countries is that this material is disease causing. The exposure to this material is quit alarming as the disease caused by this material leads the patient to death. These diseases are:

  • Asbestosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma

Asbestos is a non-cancerous disease but still lethal. It is a disease of lungs. Then the name itself is telling that lung cancer is a type of cancer and last and extremely deadly is mesothelioma. It is also a type of cancer but, people who suffer from this type of cancer doesn’t have enough time to live as the maximum time they will have is 4 months to six months. The big problem with asbestos is that once you inhaled the fiber particles they will remain their till death as up to this date there is no procedure or way has been discovered to remove it from your lungs. So, treating the patient continuously will do no good.

Precautions against asbestos:

When we talk about the precaution that we must take while working with asbestos they are very strict. This is because asbestos is hazardous. First even for getting involved in removal of the asbestos you have to be licensed asbestos assessor. Then there is GHS compliance and training. People who are working with asbestos have to wear a special suit so that they are not directly exposed to asbestos. Many of the countries have simply banned use of asbestos as they don’t want to paly with life of their people. Then any kind of mineral or substance containing more than 1% of asbestos is not suitable for working hence, that substance is not used anywhere.

There are organizations who are working only to clean the asbestos from the environment and for this purpose they do the asbestos sampling to know how much they have to work and how careful they have to be in a particular area.