Different Uses Of Structural Steel

Structural steel has many uses. It is often used in the construction industry. People in the construction industry often buy different items for using them as structural steel. Many different parts count as items of structural steel. Iron beams are an example of structural steel. Although they are called iron beams, they are in fact made of structural steel in Melbourne. Iron beams are made by mixing steel with other metals. Carbon is commonly added to iron to convert it into structural steel carbon imparts strength to structural steel. However, adding too much carbon to iron for making structural steel can cause some major problems.

Adding carbon to steel:
Carbon is what makes steel stronger. It gives steel its hardness. However, adding too much carbon can cause steel to become brittle. You should take care to add only the required amount of carbon to iron. A kilogram of iron should be strengthened with the addition of fifty to sixty grams of carbon. This percentage is ideal for making structural steel. In its natural form, carbon is in usually found as black powder. This is why adding powdered carbon to iron for making structural steel darkens its colour significantly. Steel is naturally silver in colour. Adding carbon to it makes it grey. The greater the percentage of added carbon, the darker the steel. You should not add more than thirty to forty percent carbon to steel. Doing so risks making the steel too brittle. Brittle steel is prone to breakage. Although it is heavy in weight, it cannot withstand any pressure.

Use in the construction industry:
Structural steel is most commonly used in the construction industry. The construction industry makes frequent use of structural steel. Structural steel is used to make a variety of different construction equipment. It is estimated that fifty to sixty different construction items are made using structural steel. The versatility of structural steel is what makes it so useful. It had a multitude of uses. Structural steel is especially very suitable for skyscrapers. This is because it has a lot of strength. It is perfect for high-rise buildings and apartments.

The iron beams inside most buildings are made of structural steel. Elements in addition to carbon are also used in the metal fabrication in Melbourne. Examples include tin, zinc and chrome. Each element imparts unique physical properties to the steel. The usual length of iron bars made of structural steel is ten to fifteen feet. They can be as long as thirty feet in some cases. However, this is very rare. The average length usually varies from five to nine feet. You should only purchase iron bars made using the highest quality structural steel. This is because durability is a very important consideration when buying structural steel.