Facts About People Suffering From Dyslexia

Dealing with a patient who is suffering from davis dyslexia program is something not everybody can understand. If you are someone who is facing issues with coping up with such people, it is important to understand the dynamics and characteristics in order to know well what they go through. Let’s guide you with some facts that will help in dealing in situations that may come off as challenging to you when facing dyslexia patients.  

  1. Thoughts as Reality 
    One needs to understand that the communication between them and you may have some gap where they may say that they probably have told you something whereas in actual, they haven’t and vice versa. It is due to this their way of expressing things may be different where you need to act accordingly efore they react negatively. 
  2. Not know their own condition 
    For a lot of people, dyslexia may not be diagnosed till their adult life and they may seem normal to others and this is why it is almost impossible to figure out the total count of people having dyslexia. Since the diagnosis of dyslexia is not made easily, a lot of people tend to consider such people as slow or stupid. Therefore, if you face such people, make sure you are not judging them on the basis of their condition until a proper diagnosis is done. 
  3. Pictures 
    People who suffer from dyslexia are different when it comes to the thought process as compared to others. This is because they are highly visual and prefer pictures and visual aids to communicate through their though process. So if you see them working with pictures, do not consider them weird as this is the way they deal with life. 
  4. Different use of Brain 
    Dyslexia patients have a different mechanism of using their brains. This means that just the way regular people tend to use their brains i.e. right and left part both, people who suffer from dyslexia tend to underutilize the left part of the brain which is used for reading. It is due to this; the brain of dyslexia patients doesn’t exactly work like a regular human being.  
  5. Different Symptoms 
    You may have come across a lot of people having dyslexia assessment in Melbourne however, it is important to know the fact that not all of them have same or similar symptoms. In fact, they all may have different symptoms to each other hence, a comparison between two dyslexia people is unjustified. Some of them might be slow at reading, some might probably have poor comprehension or poor organization skills, whereas some might not be able to comprehend days of the week or months and so on. dyslexia-treatments